Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A course which is currently being held by the Jordan Olympic Committee to improve the performance of our sports coaches has been solidly endorsed by its participants.

Twenty coaches from a number of sports are taking part in the six-day National Coaching Certificate Programme (NCCP) which will run through to Wednesday.

Teaching a number of new skills and techniques, the course is designed to collectively raise the standards of coaching in Jordan so that athletes will benefit in the long term.

And it is proving popular, with participant Batool Arna’out saying she has already improved her knowledge.

“This course is crucial to developing our athletes,” she said.

“I have learned so much already from this course which I can take back with me for my day to day coaching.

“It is vital that we, as Jordanian coaches, keep on top of the latest coaching techniques no matter what sport we are working in.

I believe that sport as a whole will benefit without a doubt.” Iyad Macanai is one of the facilitators sharing advice and tips with the participants.

“It covers the full range of what a coach needs to be equipped with,” he said.

“The knowledge that the coaches will learn will prove invaluable as they develop their careers.

“In particular it teaches them the mechanism of planning, researching and analysing and how to bring all these methods and tactics into their training sessions.”

NCCP has three levels with 12 modules covered in each.

This week’s course organized by the Jordan Olympic Committee is level one.

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