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4-6 November 2009 – Participation of ANOC Secretary General in PASO General Assembly
ANOC Secretary General Ms Gunilla Lindberg took part in the General Assembly of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) held from the 4th to the 6th of November 2009 in Guadalajara, Mexico, host city of the Pan-American Games in October 2011. She presented a report on the activities developped by ANOC since the previous Assembly of this Continental Organization, held in October 2008.

03-05 October 2009 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Participation of ANOC and the NOCs in the XIII Olympic Congress
The XIII Olympic Congress was held in Copenhagen, Denmark from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2009. Its objective was to review the situation of the Olympic Movement in today's global society, seek opinions and try to provide guidance for the future. The Congress had been preceded by a preliminary phase, called the "Virtual Congress", which provided the opportunity to people from all horizons, whether belonging to the sports world or to the public at large, to send in their contributions on the subjects of their choice; these contributions coming from the whole world were compiled and published by an Editorial Committee for their consideration by the Congress.
The Congress itself, opened in the presence of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki moon, and the President of Timor-Leste and Nobel Laureate, Mr José Ramos-Horta, was chaired by the President of the IOC, Dr. Jacques Rogge and attended by representatives of all constituents of the Olympic Movement, with a total of 1,249 participants and observers.
Five main chapters made up the programme of presentations and debates : 1. The Athletes; 2. The Olympic Games; 3. The structure of the Olympic Movement; 4. Olympism and Youth; 5. The Digital Revolution.
These Main Themes were introduced and commented during the plenary sessions, the corresponding Sub-Themes being the object of discussions and debates in separate sessions. Among the prominent speakers who took the floor to introduce these subjects were ANOC / NOC representatives who intervened as Keynote Speakers, with presentations on the following themes and subthemes :

• Theme 1 – The Athletes :
Mr Felipe Muñoz Kapamas (Mexico, NOC President) and
Int. General Lassana Palenfo (Côte d'Ivoire, ANOC Vice-President);

o Subtheme 1.1 – Relationship between the Athletes, Clubs, Federations and NOCs :
Mr Carlos Arthur Nuzman (Brazil, NOC President);

o Subtheme 1.2 – Health Protection in Training and Competition :
Dr Robin Mitchell (Fiji, ANOC Vice-President);

o Subtheme 1.3 – The Social and Professional Life of Athletes during and after Elite Competition :
Mr Sergey Bubka (Ukraine, NOC President).

• Theme 2 – The Olympic Games :
Ms Gunilla Lindberg (Sweden, ANOC Secretary General);

o Subtheme 2.1 – How to keep the Games as a Premier Event ? :
Mr Giovanni Petrucci (Italy, NOC President);

o Subtheme 2.2 – Olympic Values :
Mr Alejandro Blanco (Spain, NOC President);

o Subtheme 2.3 – Universality and Developing Countries :
Int. General Lassana Palenfo (Côte d'Ivoire, ANOC Vice-President).

• Theme 3 – The Structure of the Olympic Movement :
Mr Mario Vázquez Raña (Mexico, ANOC President);

o Subtheme 3.1 – The Autonomy of the Olympic Movement :
Mr Mario Vázquez Raña (Mexico, ANOC President),
Lord Colin Moynihan (Great Britain, NOC President) and
Ms Aïcha Garad Pertus (Djibouti, NOC President);

o Subtheme 3.2 – Good Governance and Ethics :
Mr Michael Chambers (Canada, NOC President);

o Subtheme 3.3 – Relationships between the Olympic Movement and its Stakeholders :
Mr Julio Cesar Maglione (Uruguay, ANOC Vice-President).

• Theme 4 – Olympism and Youth :
Mr Patrick Hickey (Ireland, ANOC Vice-President);

o Subtheme 4.1 – Moving towards an Active Society :
Raja Randhir Singh (India, NOC Secretary General);

o Subtheme 4.2 – Is competitive sport still appealing ? :
Mr Henri Sérandour (France, ANOC Chancellor) (absent on health grounds);

o Subtheme 4.3 – Youth Sports Events :
Mr Niels Nygaard (Denmark, NOC President) and
Mr Chee Hean Teo (Singapore, NOC President).

• Theme 5 – The Digital Revolution :
Mr Tsunekazu Takeda (Japan, NOC President);

o Subtheme 5.1 – A new Management of Sports Rights :
Ms Veda Bruno-Victor (Grenada, NOC Secretary General);

o [Subtheme 5.2 – How to increase the size of the sports audience ? ]

o Subtheme 5.3 – Communication with Stakeholders in the Digital Age :
H.R.H. Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussein (Jordan, NOC President).

As a conclusion to the three days of communications and debates, the Congress issued 66 Recommendations covering all themes, to serve as guidelines for the orientation of the Olympic Movement over the next decade, and "invited the IOC, all IFs and NOCs and other stakeholders in their respective spheres of competence, to study and give due consideration to the Recommendations".

Pictures of the Congress

12-23 July 2009 – Israel – 18th Maccabiah Games
ANOC Secretary General Gunilla Lindberg attended the opening ceremony of the 18th Maccabiah Games in Tel Aviv, invited by the NOC of Israel. She also represented ANOC at the headquarters of the Israeli NOC when IOC member Alex Gilady donated the Olympic Torch from 1972 to the new Olympic Experience Museum where also a commemorative ceremony of the Israeli athletes killed in Munich was held. Participating in the Ceremony was also IOC Vice-President Thomas Bach, EOC President Patrick Hickey and the NOC Presidents from the Netherlands, Lithuania and Slovakia.

From right to left : Israeli NOC Secretary General Mr Efraim Zinger commenting Museum features to IOC members Dr Thomas Bach, IOC Vice-President, Ms Gunilla Lindberg, ANOC Secretary General, Mr Patrick Hickey, EOC President, and Mr Alex Gilady.

6-7 July 2009 – Abuja, Nigeria – ANOC Secretary General attended ANOCA General Assembly
ANOC Secretary General Ms Gunilla Lindberg participated in the ANOCA Elective General Assembly held in Abuja Nigeria on 6-7 July 2009, where she delivered greetings from ANOC President Mario Vázquez Raña and presented a report on the activities developed by ANOC since the XVI ANOC General Assembly held in Beijing in April 2008.
The Assembly re-elected Intendent-General Lassana Palenfo (Côte d'Ivoire) for a new four-year mandate (2009-2012) as President of ANOCA, and elected Counselor Khaled Zein El-Din (Egypt) as the new Secretary General. The Treasurer General is Engr. Habu Ahmed Gumel (Nigeria).

7-8 May 2009 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Participation of ANOC and the NOCs in the International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development
The first International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development was held at the International Olympic Committee's initiative on the 7th and 8th of May 2009 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. 250 participants representing the whole Olympic Family, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations and the academic world debated the topics making up the Forum's programme :
- Session I : The potential of sport in the search for peace and development,
- Session II : Promoting a culture of peace among young people,
- Session III : Sport for community and youth development,
- Session IV : Promotion of education and healthy life-styles through sport,
- Session V : The Olympic Games – legacy for education, development and peace,
- Session VI : Capitalizing on parterships and networking,
- Session VII : Next steps.
No less than 26 presentations were made on these topics, followed by debate sessions.

The National Olympic Committees were represented by the NOCs of Burundi, Ethiopia and Egypt for Africa, Canada, Colombia and Haiti for America, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka for Asia, Germany, Bosnia and Cyprus for Europe, and Guam and Fiji for Oceania.
ANOC was represented by its Secretary General Ms Gunilla Lindberg, also acting as Moderator for Session IV.

Among the 12 items of the Recommendations unanimously adopted as a conclusion to the Forum, the following points should be highlighted :
- creation of a working group in charge of studying ways of achieving a comprehensive exchange of information and expertise between the Olympic Family and all organizations active in the field of sport, development and peace.
- encourage cooperation between the Olympic Movement and its partners to strengthen initiatives for sport and recreational programmes that can help fight problems such as obesity, poor nutrition and ill health.

Read the Recommendations adopted by the Forum : >>>

© IOC / A. Meylan
© IOC / A. Meylan

Session IV of the Forum : (right to left) : Frank Fredericks, Chairman of the IOC Athletes' Commission, Ms Gunilla Lindberg, ANOC Secretary General, Moderator, John Furlong, President of the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of Vancouver 2010, Prof. Margaret Talbot, President of the International Council on Sports Sciences and Education (ICSSPE), Dr Timothy Amstrong, Coordinator, Surveillance and Population-based Prevention Unit, Department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, World Health Organization (WHO).

© IOC / A. Meylan
© IOC / A. Meylan

Ms Gunilla Lindberg, IOC Member and ANOC Secretary General,
intervening as Moderator during Session IV.

11-14 March 2009 – Kuwait – Participation of the Secretary General of ANOC in OCA events in Kuwait
The Secretary General of ANOC, Ms Gunilla Lindberg took part on March 11 in the inauguration ceremony of the new Headquarters of the Olympic Council of Asia in Kuwait, attended by the representatives of all Asian NOCs and various IOC members, among other sports personalities from the continent, as well as various international institutions.
The Secretary General of ANOC participated from the 12th to the 14th of March, in the same venue, in the First OCA Sports Congress whose three days of sessions were concluded by the "Kuwait Declaration" and Resolutions.
Read the "Kuwait Declaration" and the Resolutions >>>

18-21 February 2009 – Vancouver, Canada – Chefs de Mission Seminar for the Olympic Winter Games 2010
The Secretary General of ANOC Ms Gunilla Lindberg took part in the Chefs de Mission Seminar held from the 18th to the 21st of February 2009 in the host city of the XXI Olympic Winter Games 2010. The representatives of the 72 NOCs gathered there had the opportunity to visit the competition venues in Vancouver and Whistler, which were ready one year before the Games. At the end of the Seminar, the Secretay General of ANOC informed the Organizing Committee (VANOC), on behalf of ANOC and the NOCs, of her Closing Remarks and of her Conclusions concerning issues that need to be followed up.

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