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May 2006 ľ Participation of ANOC to the General Assembly of ONOC and PASO
ANOC Secretary General Mrs Gunilla Lindberg attended the ONOC General Assembly held on May 12-13, 2006 in Naidi, capital city of the Fiji Islands.

She was later in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 22nd to 29th of May 2006 to attend the PASO Executive Committee meeting (25-26 May) and XLIV General Assembly (May 27, 28, 29).

The Secretary General of ANOC made a review before both Assemblies of the activities developed by the Association, through its Executive Council and Working Group, in order to have the NOCs' requests better listened to within the framework of the Olympic Movement. She thanked on that occasion the IOC and Olympic Solidarity for their excellent attention and cooperation.

She underlined the importance of all the NOCs contributing to the questionnaires sent out by ANOC prior to each meeting of the Coordination Commissions for the upcoming summer and winter Olympic Games.

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