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2006 - ANOC Commissions

Paris, 7-8 October 2006 - 6th ANOC Working Group Meeting
The ANOC Working Group consisting of two representatives from each continent and chaired by ANOC Secretary General Ms. Gunilla Lindberg met at the ANOC offices in Paris on October 7-8th.

The main topics on the agenda were the debriefing of the Torino Games, the qualification system for Beijing 2008, the accreditation system for 2008, the Technical Manual on Olympic Village, and topics of concern from the NOCs to be discussed at the IOC Coordination Commission in Beijing on October 24-26th. The result of the NOC approach to the Coordination Commission will be sent to the NOCs in November next.

The Working Group also discussed rules for athletes image, marketing rights of the NOCs and guidelines for uniforms for the Games in Beijing. The Working Group also reviewed the latest information from the OCOGs in Vancouver and London.

The report from the Working Group will be discussed at the ANOC Executive Council meeting in Kuwait on November 26th next.

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