Kuwait; 29 March 2014: The Association of National Olympic Committees today released the full list of members of the ANOC Commissions and Working Groups who will be responsible for initiating pioneering reforms designed to develop the Association and its NOCs.

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On October 2-4th, ANOC Secretary General, Gunilla Lindberg, and the members of the ANOC Technical Working Group comprised of representatives of the 5 continents got together for a debriefing of the Olympic Games held from July 27 to August 12th 2012 in London. Based on the comments provided by the NOCs and received at the ANOC Secretariat, the members of the Working Group worked out various recommendations which will now be put forward to the ANOC Council and the IOC at its debriefing of the London Games which will take place in Rio de Janeiro on November 17-20th 2012. The NOC:s have all put forward very positive comments on the preparation and the participation in the London Olympic Games but there are still room for improvements at upcoming editions of the Olympic Games.

On October 4-6th, ANOC's Office welcomed the members of the Commission in charge of studying the Constitution of ANOC and drafting the necessary changes with a view to deliver a new Constitution of ANOC. In the presence of the President of ANOC, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, the representatives appointed by their Continental Associations had a meeting, chaired by Michael Chambers, Ex Officio Member of the Executive Council of ANOC and Chair of the Juridical Commission. The next meeting of the Commission will be in Macau at the beginning of November and the proposal will be discussed at the ANOC Council meeting in Macau on November 9th 2012. The final proposal will after that be sent to all NOC:s for their comments.

From left to right: Aldons Vrublevskis, Mohammad Ali Al-Kamali, Abdullah Al Hayyan, Gunilla Lindberg, Michael Chambers, Marc Theisen, Maria Clarke, Scott Blackmun, Robert Zombodze Magagula

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On October 18th, the Commission for the Modernization of ANOC had a meeting at the ANOC headquarters in Lausanne. The meeting was chaired by Kevan Gosper, ANOC Executive Council Member for Oceania and IOC Member. The task for the Commission members was to analyse the recommendations made by the NOCs on a questionnaire sent out by ANOC on May 7th concerning their proposal for ANOC's activities for the future as well as its priorities over the next years. The proposal from the working group will also be discussed at the ANOC Council meeting in Macau on November 9th.

Members of the Commission for the Modernization of ANOC
Members of the Commission for the Modernization of ANOC
From left to right: Marwan Maghur, Gunilla Lindberg, Barry Maister, Janez Kocijancic, Judith Simons, Michael Laurence Romany, Kevan Gosper, Eduardo Palomo Pacas, Gilles Gilbert Grésenguet, Wei Jizhong, Lawrence F. Probst III, Alexander Kozlovsky