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2004 - ANOC Commissions

20 September 2004 ľ Second meeting of ANOC Working Group
The ANOC Working Group held its second meeting at the Association's headquarters in Paris on 18th-19th September 2004, chaired by General Secretary Gunilla Lindberg.
The ANOC Working Group, an informal entity, is composed of two members per continent, nominated by the Continental Associations. The present members are : Raymond Ibata (Congo) and Cheik Tall Bouya Thiaré (Senegal) for Africa, Greg Harney (USA) and Felipe Muñoz (Mexico) for America, Raja Randhir Singh (India) for Asia, Alexander Kozlovsky (Russia) and Marit Myrmael (Norway) for Europe, Dr Robin Mitchell (Fiji) and Bob Elphinston (Australia) for Oceania.

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