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2007 - Other news on the Olympic Movement

21 July 2007 – Belgium - "Olympicnic" for health
The 3rd edition of the Olympicnic, organized by the NOC of Belgium (COIB) and the partners of the Olympic Foundation for health, took place at the Royal Park in Brussels, over a hundred olympic athletes participated, proposing a (free) initiation in a wide range of sport disciplines to publics of all ages.

May 2007 – Thailand - Nat Indrapana appointed Vice-Minister
Nat Indrapana, who is ANOC's representative in the IOC Coordination Commission for the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008, has been appointed Vice-Minister for Sports and Tourism, and took oath on the occasion before the King of Thailand H.M. Bhumibol Adulyadej.

May 2007 – Elections : New GAISF President
Hein Verbruggen, Vice-President of the Cycling I.F., IOC member, was elected President of the General Association of International Sports Federations.

Beijing, 15 April 2007 – Ticketing for the Olympic Games 2008
BOCOG has announced that over seven million tickets at quite affordable prices are now going on sale in an effort to make the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 accessible to the widest possible public. 25% of these tickets are for sale abroad through appointed agents, in agreement with a procedure that has been determined, for each country or territory, by the corresponding National Olympic Committee.

Algiers, 7-8 April 2007 – Summit meeting of continental sport
All of African sports authorities met on April 7-8 in Algiers, under the chairmanship of the host country's Sports Minister, Mr Yahia Guidoum, who is also the current SCSA President. Besides the Association of the National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) represented by its President, Intendant-general Lassana Palenfo, the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA) represented by its Secretary General Mr Sonstone Kashiba, the African Sport Council Union (UCSA) represented by its President Mr Mustapha Larfaoui, the zonal representatives, and the officials in charge of the Algiers 2007 IX African Games Organizing Committee (COJA) – to take place from the 11th to the 23rd of July next in the Algerian capital –, representatives of the African Union were also attending.

The agenda included as main items the report by the SCSA Secretary General concerning the implementation of the decisions and recommendations issued by the SCSA-COJA joint meeting held in November last, as well as the progress achieved in the preparation of the African Games. The participants also made inspection visits to the Games venues and infrastructures.

It is to be noted that the ANOCA General Assembly is scheduled for July 21 next in Algiers.

Ljubljana, 6-7 April 2007 – EOC Regional Seminar on "Environment and Sport For All"
The European Olymic Committees' Regional Seminar on the theme "Environment and Sport For All ", for the benefit of the NOCs of Central and Southern Europe, was organized by the NOC of Slovenia on 6-7 April in Ljubljana. Eleven NOCs participated and presented no less than 22 contributions. A total of 13 countries were represented : Albanie, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, and the host country, Slovenia. The role of the Olympic Athletes was presenetd by Olympic medallist and EOC Athletes' Commission Chairperson Claudia Bokel.
One of the conclusions of the Seminar points out that the NOCs should try to increase the young European athletes' awareness to environmental problems, by including activities on this theme in the programme of the summer and winter European Youth Olympic Festivals, as well as in the Games of the Small Countries of Europe.
To view 2 photos of the Seminar available on the Slovenian NOC website, Click here >>>> .

WADA, 5 April 2007 - Medical Information for the "TUECs"
The World Anti-Doping Agency has just made available for the moment in English – "Medical Information to Support the Decisions of Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committees (TUEC)", a document the Agency has prepared in order to assist its stakeholders in their decision making.
For more information, Click here >>>>.

Zanzibar, 30-31 March 2007 – Regional Seminar on Sport and the Environment
The NOC of Tanzania, the IOC's Sport and Environment Commission and the United Nations Programme for the Environment (PNUE) jointly organized in Zanzibar on 30-31 March 2007 a Seminar on the Environment, chaired by the Chairman of the IOC Commission, Mr Pál Schmitt. The Minister of Employment, Youth, Women and Children of Tanzania, H.E. Asha Abdulla Juma, presided over the official opening of the Seminar, which gathered representatives from 12 African and Asian NOCs.

As a conclusion to the sessions, the NOCs committed themselves to making the relations between sports and the environment more widely known, proposing measures on a national scale in order to organize environmental events, and launching promotional campaigns on "sport and the environment".

IOC "Sport and Community" Trophy 2006
The IOC's "Sport and Community" Trophy for the year 2006 was awarded to Mr Johanan Zangen and Mr Avi Nir, General Managers of two TV broadcasting companies, respectively "Reshet" et "Keshet", for the cooperation offered by these two networks in bringing for the first time to Israel prime time live coverage of the Olympic Winter Games (Torino 2006).

March 2007 – Publication of the Report on the 1st Portuguese-speaking Games
ACOLOP, the "Association of Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees" created in June 2004 in Lisbon, whose headquarters were officially established in Macau, China in February 2007, has just published its Overall Activity and Financial Report on the 1st "Lusofonia" Games, held in Macau from the 7th to the 15th of October 2006. ACOLOP's mission is to "further enhance solidarity and better understanding, as well as to promote stronger ties amongst member NOCs". The trilingual Report (Portuguese, Chinese, English) describes very widely the organization of the Games and offers abundant full-colour illustration.

ACOLOP's founding members are the Olympic Committees of the following countries, belonging to 4 continents : Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Macau (*), Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, Timor-Leste; besides, the NOCs of Equatorial Guinea, India and Sri Lanka have become associate members.

662 athletes supported by nearly 200 officials from these 11 NOCs plus the Macau Olympic Committee competed for 153 medals corresponding to 48 events in 8 sports – Athletics, Basketball, Football, Futsal, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Beach Volleyball. A total of over 30,000 directly attended this event organized under the motto : "4 Continents, 1 Language, United by Sport", which also included a number of cultural events such as song groups, dances, puppet theatre, and debates. Some 100 hours of live or recorded TV coverage were broadcast through satellite to an estimated cumulated audience of over 422 million households throughout the Portuguese-speaking countries.

The second ACOLOP Games will be held in Portugal in 2009.

(*) "Olympic Committee of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China", not recognized by the IOC.

8 March 2007 – Campaign to encourage Colombian women to practice sport
On the occasion of the International Women's Day, the Colombian NOC's "Women and Sport" Commission, chaired by NOC President Andrés Botero Phillipsbourne, launched on March 8, 2007 a national campaign under the motto "Women, take up Sport", in cooperation with the Presidential Council for Women's Equality. The objective is to encourage all women in Colombia to participate more widely in sport activities – some 70% of them declare that they do not practice any sporting activity. The launching ceremony, held in the presence of the President of the Republic, Mr Álvaro Uribe Vélez, also benefited from the attendance of 3 female Ministers, 5 female Vice-Ministers, 3 female representatives to the Assembly, 12 female Senators, as well as 1,500 women representing all corporate activities from the whole country.

2 March 2007 – Beijing to host the 7th World Conference on Sport and the Environment
The International Olympic Committee announced that the 7th World Conference on Sport and the Environment that it is to organize jointly with BOCOG in partnership with the United Nations' Programme for the Environment, will be held in Beijing from the 25 to the 27 of October 2007.
The Conference agenda will include the following topics, among others :
- the Olympic Movement's environmental activities and achievements with a view to the Olympic Games 2008,
- assessment in the implementation of the recommendations issued by the previous Conference (held in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2005),
- activities to be carried out over the next two years,
- partnerships,
- sport's contribution to the international campaign for the environment.
On this occasion, the participants will also be informed on the progress made in the preparation for the Olympic Games of 2008.

27 February 2007 - 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games announced
The 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games will be held in Pune, India (a city lying some 100 miles to the south-east of Bombay) from the 12th to the 18th of October 2008. The young athletes will be competing in nine sports Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling.

26 February 2007 – Ecuador
The NOC of Ecuador is organizing this week an international Seminar on Sports Marketing which will be attended by over a hundred sports leaders, representatives of sports sponsors and collaborators of the Ecuadorian NOC and sports Federations.

25 February 2007 – Algeria
The NOC of Algeria has produced Educational Manuals, through the National Olympic Academy and in cooperation with various governmental entities, in particular the Ministry for Youth and Sport, that aim at raising awareness of Olympic values among young people. These manuals will be used in educational and professional training organizations.

23 February 2007 – Great Britain
The British NOC has announced the launch of an initiative to associate 33 companies quoted by the Financial Times Stock Exchange (a company specializing in share indexes) with 33 sports bodies at national level. Under the project, these companies will help the associated sports organizations by providing their expertise on governance structures and organizational development.
For more details, contact the BOA site : Click here.

January 2007 – Cooperation betwen the NOCs of Italy and Cyprus
An agreement was signed between the NOCs of Cyprus and Italy under which athletes from Cyprus will be training in Italy with a view to the major international sports events.

January 2007 – World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
WADA proposes to the NOCs and other sports organizations a "Coaches' Tool Kit" conceived and developed in cooperation with various partners to serve as a support tool for the organization of a workshop, made up of optional modules, lasting a few hours for a basic awareness programme on the prevention of doping, and designed to efficiently help the participants to assimilate the concepts thanks to an array of interactive paedagogical material.
This kit is currently available in English, French and Spanish, and will be translated and adapted to various languages by the national anti-doping organisations. A second section, now under development, will more specifically target youth coaches.
For more details, read the corresponding WADA web page : Click here.

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