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2006 - Other news on the Olympic Movement

December 2006 - France
The Alain Danet Institute, established in memory of the sports leader and IOC Member of Honour, Adviser to the President of ANOC, who died in March 2006, was inaugurated on 12 December 2006 in Paris in the presence of the Minister for Youth, Sports and Associative Activities, Mr Jean-François Lamour, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Philippe Douste-Blazy. Under the supervision of a Board of Directors made up of personalities from the sports, the corporate world as well as other sectors, the Institute will be focussing its activities on three main, independent but complementary activities all connected to the promotion of the athletes, which remained one of Alain Danet's concerns all along his career :
- build up a partnership with the French Institut for International Relations to carry out studies on international stakes in connection with sport,
- grant the Alain Danet Scholarship, for one season (from 9 to 12 months), upon the recommendation of the French NOC and Olympic Solidarity Committee, to an athlete of foreign origin for his/her sports and academic training as well as for a person in his/her entourage,
- facilitate to French or foreign high level athletes, upon the recommendation of the French NOC and Olympic Solidarity Commission, complementary education on topics connected to the international sports movement (9-month syllabus sanctioned by a diploma).
For further information, please consult the website.

December 2006 - UNESCO Convention against doping
The Government of Luxemburg was the 30th government to formally ratify the UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport, thus ensuring that it will become effective from February 1st, 2007 for signatory countries.

10-12 November 2006 ľ 7th EOC Technical Seminar
The EOC Technical Cooperation and Sport Development Commission chaired by Ms. Gunilla Lindberg (Sweden) and the Turkish NOC organized the 7th EOC Technical Seminar in Istanbul from 10th to 12th November 2006, around the topic : "The Road to Beijing ľ Challenges and Opportunities for the European NOCs", which gathered 100 delegates from 40 European NOCs (Chefs de Missions, Sports Directors, Technical Directors, Marketing Directors). The programme included interventions by the NOCs of Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, in addition to speakers from the IOC and various other organizations. Ms. Gunilla Lindberg, ANOC Secretary General, took this opportunity to provide updates on ANOC's activities and the progress made for the benefit of the NOCs.
The next Seminar will be held in Cyprus in the autumn of 2007.

September 2006 - ANOCA
In cooperation with the IOC, the Association of the National Olympic Committees of Africa organized the 1st African Forum on Women and Sport, held in Cairo in the presence in particular of ANOCA President Lassana Palenfo, in which took part some 80 female delegates from 51 African NOCs. The agenda included among other items how to strengthen communication in Africa's women and sport network and communication between the NOCs, as well as IOC and Olympic Solidarity support programmes. On this occasion, ANOCA's Women and Sport Commission gathered all its members for the first time and issued a series of recommendations intended for ANOCA in order to facilitate the participation of Africa's women at all levels in sport.
The Forum was followed by a Management and Leadership Training Seminar organized by the IOC, thereby answering a growing request from the NOCs' woman delegates.

25 July 2006 - Sweden - 50th anniversary of 1956 Olympic equestrian events
Stockholm celebrated on July 25, 2006 the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Olympic Games equestrian events which could not be held in Melbourne due to quarantine rules. The celebration was a fantastic popular success, in which took part four participants from the 1956 competitions : Petrus Kastenman (Sweden), 85 years, gold individual medalist in the three-day event, John Rumble, from Canada, aged 72, bronze medalist in the team event and three-day event, Peter Lichtner-Hoyer, from Austria, participant in jumping, aged 82, and Kemal Özcelik, from Turkey, participant in the three-day event, aged 84.
These participants were taken in horse-drawn carriages to the Stockholm Stadium, the arena used for the 1912 Olympic Games and the 1956 Olympic Equestrian events, applauded by 20,000 spectators.
This celebration of the 1956 Equestrian Games served as an inauguration to 40th DN Gala, a major international track event. The Swedish equestrian jumping team silver medalists in 2004 carried the Olympic Flag, and, 1972 bronze medalist in three day event Jan Jönsson rode into the stadium carrying the Torch from 1956, to light the Olympic Flame in the same caldron as in 1956.
Ms Gunilla Lindberg, Secretary General of the Swedish NOC, IOC Vice-President and ANOC Secretary General, gave the inaugural speech at the stadium.

May 2006ľ Algeria
The President of the Algerian Olympic Committee, Mr Mustapha Berraf, signed with the governmental authorities an interministerial convention whose object is to define a ccoperation framework with a view to include notions of Olympic education in educational, school and training programmes.

20-21 May 2006 ľ ANOCA Executive Committee's Motion against Racism
Gathered in Algiers on May 20-21 for its 30th ordinary session, the Executive Committee of ANOCA adopted, in consideration of various events that happened in world sport arenas, a Motion against Racism.

March 2006 - Tunisia
The Tunisian NOC informed us of the publication of an educational book entitled « The Olympian », intended for use in schools, available in Arabic, French and English, drafted in cooperation with the Ministry for Youth and Sports and Ministry for Education and Training, on the history and values of the Olympic Movement. Further, free courses open to the general public are being organized, in cooperation with associations, on the theme "The Olympic Movement and the structure of sports ".

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