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2005 - Distinctions

November 2005 - Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, IOC member for Kuwait, otherwise ANOC Vice-President for Asia, was made Doctor Honoris Causa of the Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok, Thailand.

15 March 2005 – US cyclist honoured
Lance Armstrong (USA), six-time winner of the Tour de France cycling event, was awarded the ‘Grand Prix 2004' of the French Sports Academy. The presentation of distinctions took place in the function rooms at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, the host of the ceremony being the Minister, Michel Barnier, former co-President of the Olympic Winter Games of Albertville 1992 Organizing Committee, who welcomed and congratulated the laureates. The President of the Sports Academy is Alain Danet, Adviser to ANOC President Mario Vázquez Raña.

ANOC's homage to Javier Ostos Mora
“Honors to Merit”

Mexico D.F. , 8th February 2005 - ANOC President Mario Vázquez Raña chaired the function which did simple but very emotional homage to Javier Ostos Mora in recognition of his long, exemplary career as an athlete and an olympic official.

The ceremony was expressly organized to pay tribute to one of the most outstanding personalities of the Mexican Olympic Movement, and ANOC's invitation was answered by all officials of the Mexican Olympic Committee, the Presidents of the National Federations, former olympic athletes and special guests, all on familiar terms with the laureate. Officials such as Antonio Mariscal, Joaquín Capilla, Blanca García, Carlos Mercenario, Jesús Mena, Guillermo Echevarría, Carlos Girón and Soraya Jiménez, among many others, graced this well deserved celebration.

President Mario Vázquez Raña presented Ostos Mora with a beautiful present reflecting ANOC's great respect, affection and gratitude in consideration of his contribution, over many years, to the work of the organization. In his introduction, and in answer to opinions publicly expressed in relation with this ceremony, the President clarified very categorically that this event has been organized exclusively to pay homage to Javier Ostos, and he therefore prohibited any discussions of the elections to be held at the Mexican Olympic Committee.

Vázquez Raña praised in chosen words the career of Javier Ostos, recalling with emotion their long friendship, his extraordinary qualities, his integrity, his boundless devotion to the promotion and development of the Olympic ideal in Mexico and in the world, his great achievements as a lawyer serving sport, his exemplary conduct, his loyalty, and his firmness in maintaining the Olympic principles. He underscored his important contribution, over decades, to the work of the Mexican Olympic Committee and to the NOC's efforts to secure its autonomy and preserve its independence. The President of ANOC pointed out J. Ostos's outstanding merits as an international sports leader, who was a member of various important commissions in the IOC, ANOC, and PASO, and underlined as a relevant fact that he was still active as Honorary President of the International Swimming Federation.

President Vázquez Raña concluded that ANOC would always be in debt with Javier Ostos, as his shining career provides lasting guidance for the action of those who aspire to become true Olympic leaders. He called on everyone to respond to the obligation of defending Olympism against dangers and threats. Finally, he specified that this ceremony had been scheduled several months back, but due to slight health problems suffered by J.Ostos, it had to be postponed until this date. It was therefore a ceremony entirely organized to honor someone who fully deserves it, symbolizing as he does olympic dignity and being a credit to Mexican and world sport.

On behalf of the Mexican Olympic Family, Felipe Muñoz Kapamas, President of the Mexican Olympic Committee, presented J. Ostos with a token of gratitude and praised very highly his great contribution to the Mexican Olympic Committee as an athlete, a judge, a coach, and a national as well as international leader.

Engineer Antonio Murrieta took the floor to emphasize that throughout his long life in sport, Javier Ostos had remained a man of values family values, friendship, values in the professional area, and Olympic values. He begged whoever in the assistance did not feel in line with the positions exemplified by J. Ostos in the defense of Olympism, not to attend the next general assembly of the Mexican Olympic Committee. At that moment, President Vázquez Raña recalled his personal commitment, stated that he did not agree with this, and invited all present to massively attend the assembly and demonstrate through their vote how Olympism was defended.

Javier Ostos Mora expressed his appreciation of ANOC's and the Mexican Olympic Family's homage, offering profound reflections on the history, past developments and current situation of the Mexican Olympic Movement. He recalled various moments when the Olympic Movement in this country was attacked by the Government of the times. Concerning the current situation, he referred to the words of the President of the Republic, Vicente Fox Quesada on the past 5th of February, when the country's leader called upon all civil servants for prudence, explaining that those driven by personal interests lose all credibility and authority for a democratic mandate. J.Ostos insisted that the Olympic Charter must be duly and fully respected without any interferences from the Government.

Visibly moved, Javier Ostos expressed thanks for this ceremony; through his presence, he conveyed to his life-long colleagues a beautiful and unforgettable message live for sport, and love Olympism to be able to stand for it with passion and devotion. His voice broken with tears and emotion, he added : go on being Olympians, never renounce this high honor.

This unforgettable ceremony, under ANOC's welcome aegis, provided an excellent opportunity to remember unforgettable moments, retrace the historical roots and main actors of Olympism in Mexico, clasp hands with friends time had kept apart, exchange experiences, and reach a very important conclusion - reaffirm the unity that must always prevail in the Mexican Olympic Movement.

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