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2008 - Obituaries

09 December 2008 ľ Togo ľ Anani Matthia passes away
A former President of the Togolese Football Federation, President of the National Olympic Committee of Togo from 1976 to 1995, first President of ANOCA and Vice-President of ANOC for Africa from 1981 to 1989, former representative of the NOCs on the Commission for the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Solidarity Commission, elected IOC Member in 1983 and an Honorary Member since 2007, Anani Matthia died on 9 December 2008 aged 81.

22 October 2008 ľ Mauritius - Ram Ruhee
Ram Ruhee, Secretary General of the Mauritius Olympic Committee, former ANOCA Executive Committee member, and former ANOC Executive Council member for Africa from 1990 to 1994, died aged 81.
Founder of the Mauritian NOC, he played a key role in promoting the values of sport to the youth, and held a number of posts within the Mauritian Sports Association as well as in the Football National Federation, African Confederation and International Federation (FIFA).
He was elected member of the IOC in 1988, becoming an honorary member in 2007.