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2007 - Obituaries

14 August 2007 – Kenya – Tom O'Omuombo
Tom O'Omuombo, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee Kenya since 1988, ANOC Executive Council member from 1998 to 2006, distinguished wit the ANOC Merit Award in 2001, passed away aged 64. He was also President of the Weightlifting N.F. and President of Zone V of ANOCA.

26 July 2007 – France - Claude Collard
Claude Collard, former President of the French NOC, died aged 82. The French Minister for Sports underlined that Claude Collard, "a passionate defender of the ideals advocated by Pierre de Coubertin, stand all along his career for a full respect of the rules that govern the Olympic sports, the development of sport and the preservation of the Olympic spirit".
President of the Judo N.F. from 1961 to 1966 – a sport in which he won several titles as national or continental champion -, he was Secretary General then President of the French Olympic Committees (COF) from 1968 to 1972, and a major actor in the restructuring of the NOC, which became in 1972 the French National Olympic and sports Committee (CNOSF), of which he remained President until 1982.
Co-founder of the Association of the NOCs of Europe (AENOC, later renamed the EOC), Claude Collard was also in particular President of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games from 1987 to 2004, and since that date its Honorary President.

22 July 2007 – Argentina - Passing away of the eldest olympian
Carmelo Félix Camet, member of the Argentinian Foil team that captured the bronze medal at the Olympic Games of 1928 in Amsterdam, died at the age of 102.

June 2007 – Turkey - Death of Güner Frik
The former Secretary General and Vice-President of the Turkish NOC Güner Frik, who was a national champion in the high, long and triple jumps, and officiated in many functions at the EOC, died aged 82.

9 June 2007 – Fidji - Sophia Raddock passed away
President of the NOC of Fiji from 1987 to 1996, President of the Hockey N.F. in the 70s, distinguished with, among others, the IOC's Olympic Order and the ONOC Merit Order, Sophia Raddock passed away aged 83 after dedicating over 65 years of her life to national and regional sport, as well as to the promotion of women in sport. She is portrayed in the NOC's website (, then click on "Fiji Olympic Order", and at mid page on "Sophia Raddock").

4 June 2007 – Togo - Togolese sport in mourning after aviation accident
Following a football match against Sierra Leone, a disaster struck Togo's sports community as their Sports Minister, Mr Richard Attipoé and Togolese supporters died when the helicopter transporting them caught fire and crashed to the ground, killing a total of 22 persons. ANOC expresses its deep sympathy to the authorities and sports family in Togo.

14 May 2007 – Argentina
Colonel Antonio Rodríguez, Honorary President of the Olympic Committee of Agentina, died aged 81.
A participant in the Modern Pentathlon event at the Olympic Games in London (1948) and at the PanAmerican Games in 1951 (bronze medallist by team), a National Fencing Champion by team from 1952 to 1957 and South-American Champion in 1957, he continued to serve this discipline as Président of the Fencing N.F. (1970-1974) as well as of the South-American Fencing Confederation (1970-1972).
He was elected President of the NOC in 1977, and re-elected for six consecutive mandates until 2005. He founded the Argentinian Olympic Academy and was member of the National Sports Council. Among many other positions in international sport, he was the founder and organizer of the 1st Pan-American Winter Games of Las Leñas 1990; Secretary General (1979-1992) and since 1992 Vice-President of PASO, President of ODESUR (1982-1986 and 1998-2003) and since 2003 its Honorary President; and IOC member from 1990 to 2006 and honorary member since 2006.
He took part as NOC President in the Constitutive General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees in 1979 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. To acknowledge his contribution to Olympic sport, ANOC conferred on him its Merit Award in 2001. Among the many distinctions earned by Colonel Rodríguez, let us also mention the "International Fair Play Prize – Patronage" in 2003.

23 April 2007 - Burundi
Mr Léonard Nduwayo, former Secretary General from 1991 to 2000 and President since April 2000 of the National Olympic Committee of Burundi, former President of the Athletics and Football National Federations, passed away on 23 April 2007 aged 61. He had received the ANOC Merit Award in 2001.
Besides his functions in the national sports life, Léonard Nduwayo was an Arbitrator with the Court of Abitration for Sport since 1995, and Chairman of the ANOCA Juridical Commission since 2005.
A judge by profession, Mr Nduwayo had been appointed General Prosecutor and President of the Supreme Court of Burundi in the 1970s.

January - Senegal
Kéba Mbaye, IOC member from 1973 to 2002, member of the Executive Board (1984 1988; 1993-1998) and Vice-President of the IOC (1988 1992, 1998 2002), Chairman of many IOC Commissions, among others the Apartheid and Olympism Commission (1989-1992), President of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) since 1983, Chairman of the IOC Ethics Commission since 1999, former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice at The Hague, died on 11th January 2007 aged 82.

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