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14 December 2004 - Anselmo López Martín (Spain), the first Secretary General of ANOC (1980-1981) and its Treasurer from 1981 to 1996, died on December 14, in Madrid, aged 94.
Born in 1910, a Treasury Inspector by profession, Anselmo López practiced with passion a number of sports, above all Basketball, but also Track-and-Field, Swimming and Sailing.
As President of the Spanish Basketball Federation, he promoted Minibasket in the 70s, chairing its international committee within FIBA. This revolutionary initiative proved to be a formidable hothouse of high level players for his country.
He joined the Spanish Olympic Committee in 1965, becoming its Vice-President from 1967 to 1971, then Secretary General for 15 years from 1971. He led the Spanish team as Chef de Mission to five Olympic Games Mexico, Munich, Montreal, Moscow and the Winter Games in Sapporo.
He was Sports Director of the ĹNational Delegation for Physical Education and Sports'.
He was also the first Director of Olympic Solidarity (1980-1997), the International Olympic Committee's body that manages the National Olympic Committees' funds used for the development of sport particularly in the economically weaker countries.
During this initial period of Olympic Solidarity, he launched various innovative programmes for the benefit of countries with scant economic resources, among others the Itinerant School for Sports Officials, the Technical Courses for coaches and athletes, and the Olympic Scholarships, which give athletes from regions lacking sports infrastructures a chance to train in technically more advanced countries.
Anselmo López combined extraordinary dynamism, reflected in its outstanding sports career, with exceptional humane qualities that were unanimously recognised.
Much appreciated by Olympic officials, Anselmo López contributed largely to the development of the National Olympic Committees.

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