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2005 - Other news on the Olympic Movement

Australia, 1st December 2005 – The Australian NOC has launched a completely new version of its website, which offers more Olympic news, pictures, historical features as well as an overview of the NOC Olympic campaign strategical planning. Each visitor (general public, media) can run on-line research on all Australian Olympians and their results. New headings cover among other subjects the NOC education programme, the selection of athletes, NOC financing, the anti-doping policy, or the athletes support services. Besides, the Australian team's official website for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games will be launched from Turin, on February 5th next.

Qatar, November 2005 – Olympic delegations from some 80 countries took part in the inauguration of the Aspire Dome, a sports palace designed for the education and training of high level athletes from the region, and well as for hosting international competitions. This 46-meter high, 290.000 sq.m complex, which can accommodate 15.000 spectators, was built in two years, it includes an olympic-size swimming pool, a diving area, a 200-meter athletics track, a gymnastics hall, a games hall, a full-size football field and a five-a-side pitch, 11 tennis courts, 13 table tennis courts, 8 fencing strips, 2 squash courts, and a judo and karate hall. Under the sports facilities, the Aspire Dome also houses an amphitheatre, lecture rooms, a library, laboratories, dormitories, and a medical center.

France, October 2005 – The French NOC called upon the some three million volunteers who participate in the life of over 200.000 sports associations in France, so that at least a thousand of them register in line to participate until the end of 2006 in a test to create a “Volunteer's Logbook”. This ‘logbook' will keep record of a sports volunteer's life in a single electronic document, confirming his/her personal experience and abilities.

20 September 2005 – Barbados
Steve R. Stoute, President of the Barbados Olympic Association Inc. laid the foundation stone of the future Olympic Centre during a ceremony in which took part, among others, IOC member Austin Sealy and the Minister for Education, Youth and Sports Reginald Farley. Beside the NOC headquarters, the Centre will house a small museum, a library, the association of sports medicine, as well as meeting rooms for the National Federations. It is due to open in April 2006.

June 2005 – Jamaica NOC moves into new home
The Jamaica Olympic Association has moved into new premises, which this NOC was able to buy, as pointed out by its President, Michael Fennell at the inauguration ceremony, thanks to 15 years' savings and “prudently managing” the NOC's resources, as it “does not receive any fixed income from any [governmental] source.” The new headquarters include a meeting room for 35, a library that will be upgraded, a couple of work stations, and offices for the President and Secretary General.

1-5 June 2005 - PASO Continental Doping Control Seminar in Brazil
33 NOCs from the Americas participated in the PASO Continental Doping Control Seminar held from 1 to 5 June 2005 in Rio de Janeiro. The workshop was conducted by PASO Medical Commission Chairman and doping control expert Dr Eduardo Henrique De Rose (Brazil).

May 2005 – Caribbean Games under study
The NOCs of the Caribbean region (CANOC) met at the end of May in Miami, USA, for their Executive Committee and General Assembly, where they discussed, among other issues, the future organization of Caribbean Games, to be held every 4 years, with a first edition in 2009.

March 2005 – New Zealand NOC seeks professional advice
The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) was recently invited, as a non-profit organization, by the Institute for Strategic Leadership, an independent national consultant programme for the improvement of CEOs and senior managers' practice.
The aim of this intensive, professional session with the NZOC was to conduct a preliminary survey involving the NOC's Board and staff, and on the basis of the findings, suggest a number of alternative strategies and plans for the NOC's future activities.
The NZOC Board is now examining the conclusions of this stimulating external review.

2 March 2005 – Lao D.P.R. / Mongolia
Danzandorj Bayasgalan, First Vice-President of the NOC of Mongolia, and Phouthong Seng Akhom, President of the NOC of Laos, signed in Ulan-Bator an agreement for bilateral cooperation.

18-27 February 2005 - Ecuador
4.500 athletes from the whole country competed in 44 sports at the IIIrd Olympic Festival that took place in the main host city of Salinas and sub-venues of Cuenca, Quito and Guayaquil.
For a majority of Ecuador's National Federations, it was a selective event for the Bolivarian Games that will be held in August next in Colombia, in the cities of Armenia, Pereira and Cartagena in Colombia. Ecuador NOC President Danilo Carrera explained that all athletes will benefit from every technical and medical facility for optimal training conditions at the High-level Training Center in Durán.
In a first stage, 600 athletes will be involved in the preparation process, which will then intensify in a second stage for 400 of them, for a total cost of around one million dollars, representing the first-ever financial effort of that magnitude in the country's sports history.

26 February 2005 – Mongolia
Shagdarjav Magvan, IOC member in Mongolia, former President of the NOC from 1972 to 1979, who received in 2003 the Cultural Honor Order of Mongolia, gave a lecture on the Olympic Movement to secondary school teachers in the country's capital city.

6 January 2005 - Message from Thailand NOC President
General Yuthasak Sasipraha, President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand, thanked the President of ANOC for his message of condolences for the victims of the tsunami, and confirmed that the NOC headquarters, as it is located in Bangkok, was not affected by the disaster.

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