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2004 - Other news on the Olympic Movement

14 October 2004 - Construction of Olympafrica Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Zambia
The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) has received US $ 105,000 towards the construction of an Olympafrica multi-purpose sports complex, in Lusaka, two thirds of the total cost of the project. Land has been cleared for sports facilities and work has been started on the main building. The funds received have also been used to construct a 1.2 km x 6 metre high fence to protect the site from wild settling. Periodical inspection missions are conducted by the foundation.

21 August 2004 Anti-Doping Action
In an interview with the Swiss daily Le Temps, the President of the IOC, Dr. Jacques Rogge, questioned on the efforts undertaken to uncover drug use at the Olympic Games of Athens, underlined that “we continue to increase the frequency of tests, after having already tripled their number in Salt Lake City. Tests will be carried out during the competitions, but also out of competition. All athletes may have to undergo unannounced checks, whether at the Village, at the venues, or even at the training camps preceding the Games”. [...] Further, “the Games are not a favorable opportunity for setting records. Their format is different from other competitions, with quarter and semi-finals. The athletes end up with several races in their legs. At the Games, therefore, the strategy is much more important. Often, the competitors will start their race slowly, to finish with a very fast lap. It is not here that great time-breaking performances are born”.

19 August 2004 - Fair Play
In a soccer match of the Olympic tournament in Athens, the referee demanded no less than five replays of a penalty kick, until the distances set by the rules of the game were adhered to by all players.

18 August 2004 - Olympic values
In the editorial of the August 2004 issue of “ L'Olympien”, the Tunisian National Olympic Commitee's (CNOT) magazine, CNOT President Mr Abdelhamid Slama, explaining the Olympic values, underlines that, “while sport is first and foremost a physical effort performed primarily to acquire dynamism and vitality and to preserve the individual's physical and mental health, it is also and above all an opportunity for meeting and competing with a view to elevating oneself to the first ranks of success and crowning in complete loyalty and mutual respect ... The Olympic Games are an occasion to consolidate tolerance and solidarity.”

16 August 2004 - Portuguese - Speaking Games
The Olympic Committees using the Portuguese language met on june 8 in Lisbon for a constitutive assembly of an Association of Olympic Committees using Portuguese as their Official Language (ACOLOP).
José Vicente Moura, President of the Portuguese Olympic Committee was elected President of the Association. Among the items on the assembly's agenda was the orgnization in 2006 of the 1st ACOLOP Games in Macau (whose Olympic committee is recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia).

14 August 2004 - Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
The six most represented sports among the countries' flag-bearers in the athletes' parade at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 (August 13th) were Athletics, Swimming, Judo, Weightliftng, Shooting and Boxing.

2 August 2004 - USA-China meeting - The US Olympic Committee announced the organisation of a USA / China multi-sports event in June 2005 in Seattle, which will feature, apart from competitions in various sports with some 500 athletes from both countries, conferences on sport sciences and technologies as well as an artistic and cultural festival.

28 July 2004 - The Olympic Games, a message of peace
On the occasion of the see off ceremony for the Uruguayan delegation to the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, attended by the Greek Ambassador in Urugay, the President of the NOC (and ANOC Vice-President for America) Julio Cesar Maglione underlined that “the Olympic Games are much more than the pursuit of self-surpassing in sports or medals”, and it is expected that “as was the case in ancient times with the Olympic Truce, the Games will convey a message of peace” in Athens, where, in agreement with the Olympc Spirit, “over ten thousand athletes will be living together without any distinction of races, religions or customs”.

27 July 2004 - WADA signs agreement for ADAMS Project
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has signed an agreement with a Montreal-based healthcare company to help develop the ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administration and Management System) project, a web-based system WADA has to provide under the World Anti-Doping Code assistance to its stakeholders for an efficient implementation of the Code. ADAMS is expected to be ready by early 2005 and will consist of three main modules :
- The clearinghouse for storage and exchange of confidential anti-doping information, including tests and approved therapeutic use exemptions, to ensure that all anti-doping initiatives are carried out in a transparent manner.
- The doping control database, providing a procedure to assist anti-doping agencies when commencing the coordination of their testing programs (planning, coordination and distribution of tests).
- The whereabouts management module for collection and sharing of athletes' whereabouts information, regularly updated through the web for doping control purposes.

21st July 2004 - Acceptance of World Anti-Doping Agency Code
With the announcement of the latest NOC signing, all 202 National Olympic Committees have now finally accepted the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.

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7th July 2004 :
European Olympic Committees

EOC visit to Holy Land. On 15/16 June, Mario Pescante, in his dual capacity as EOC President and Italian Under-Secretary of State for Sports and Patrick Hickey, EOC Secretary General, paid a visit to Bethlehem and Jerusalem where they met with local political and sports authorities.
In Bethlehem, they met the Palestinian sports representative Mr. Sallah Al Taamari, Minister for Sport and Youth, with a view to setting up closer collaboration in the field of sport.
In Jerusalem, they had a working lunch with Israeli NOC leaders Mr. Zvi Varshaviak, President, Mr. Arie Rosenzweig, Secretary General, and acting Secretary General and EOC Executive Committee Member Mr. Efraim Zinger. The parties discussed the brand new project for collaboration between NOCs, which was launched a month ago in Belgrade by the EOC.

7th July 2004 : The IOC has published the Anti-doping Regulations
(that can be consulted on : that are to be used at the Athens Olympics. This highly important document has been sent to all National Olympic Committees, International Federations for summer sports and Anti-doping Agencies. During the Olympic Games all anti-doping controls decided by the IOC will include tests for all the prohibited substances listed in the Regulations and all athletes will be subject to tests in whatever place and at whatever time decided by the IOC without the need for them to be given notice.

7th July 2004 : North and South Korea to march together at the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Games
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today confirmed that the delegations of the Korean Olympic Committee and the Olympic Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will parade together at the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad on 13th August 2004 in Athens.
The intention of the two NOCs to march under the same flag had already been discussed with the IOC President, Jacques Rogge, in Athens in February.
Four years after Sydney, where the delegations from South and North Korea marched for the first time together under the same flag at the Opening Ceremony, the athletes from the two Koreas will demonstrate yet again that sport and the Olympic ideal can serve as an instrument to building a peaceful and better world.
Commenting on the decision, IOC President Jacques Rogge said : “This joint march will be one of the highlights of the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Games in a few weeks' time. It shows that sport can unite and promote peace. It is wonderful to see the two NOCs putting the Olympic values into practice in such a demonstrable way.”

7th July 2004 : Olympoceania Project in Solomon Islands
Next week ONOC President Kevan Gosper, Executive Board Member Joe Carlo and Secretary General Dr. Robin Mitchell will be visiting Honiara for the official opening of the Olympoceania project which has been completed by the NOC of the Solomon Islands (NOCSI).
Olympoceania is a programme offered by the IOC's Olympic Solidarity Department to the developing National Olympic Committees within the Oceania region. This programme is based on the well established Olympafrica programme and is one of similar projects introduced to continental regions in the current Olympiad.
The funds allocated to ONOC for this programme over the current Olympiad is US$ 1,200,000.00. The programme is further supplemented by a grant of US$ 30,000 annually by Daimler Chrysler and ONOC is very grateful to this Corporate partner for their ongoing support for the Olympic movement within Oceania.
NOCSI has fully utilised its Olympoceania allocation to secure the lease of national sports facilities in Honiara and to undertake a major renovation program of these facilities. There has been a total refit of the Multi Purpose Hall, including a new gym, conference room, a new NOC office (including space for National Federation administrators) and toilets and showers. The Hall was used for the first time during the recently completed Solomon Islands National Games.
NOCSI has also been able to complement the Olympoceania grant with a grant from the British High Commission which will see refurbishment of the old Community Centre and the tennis courts near the Multi Purpose Hall.
Pictures of this project can be seen on the Oceania Sports Portal – & click on the Solomon Islands to view.

21st June 2004 - Importance of Sport Acknowledged under European Union's new Constitution
Within the framework of the new European Union Constitution, part of article III-182 dealing with education and linguistic diversity reads :
“The Union shall contribute to the promotion of European sporting issues, while taking account of its specific nature, its structures based on voluntary activity, and its social and educational function.
Union action shall be aimed at :
- (.....)
- developing the European dimension of sport by promoting fairness and openness in sporting competitions and cooperation between bodies responsible for sports, and by protecting the physical and moral integrity of sportsmen and sportswomen, specially young sportsmen and sportswomen.
The Union and the member States shall foster cooperation with third countries and the competent organisations in the field of education and sport, in particular the Council of Europe ....”

12th June 2004 - French NOC General Assembly 2004
The CNOSF General Assembly, chaired by Henri Sérandour, was held on May 19, attended by Youth and Sports Minister Jean-François Lamour and Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe. The Assembly adopted in particular a set of amendments to the Statutes, and as a consequence the WADA World Anti-Doping Code.

11th June 2004 :
An olive branch for the Marathon champion

The champion of the Marathon event at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens will receive, apart from the gold medal, a wild olive branch, the reward that symbolically crowned winners at the Games of Antiquity.

Olympic Flame starts global journey
On June 2nd, the Olympic Flame left Athens for Sydney, its first stop on a global route through 27 countries of the five continents and towards its climax on August 13 at the Olympic stadium, during the opening ceremony of the Games of Athens 2004.

10th June 2004 :
U.S.A. – USOC and NCAA to study decline in sport

The US Olympic Committee and the National Collegiate Athletic Association are creating a task force to study the decline in olympic sports at the collegiate level.

10th June 2004 : EOCs – European Youth Olympic Festival 2009
Tampere, Finland and Liberec, Czech Republic, are bidding to hold respecticely the summer and winter editions of the 2009 event. The decision will be taken at the EOCs meeting in Dubrovnik in December next.

10th June 2004 : Greece – The Hellenic Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation disagree over host city's qualification
The dispute between the two federations regarding Greece's automatic qualification for the Games of Athens 2004 will be decided before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

5 June 2004 - NOCs join in IOC/UN effort against AIDS
The International Olympic Committee and the Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) signed on June 1st a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to combine both organizations' efforts to raise awareness about this disease among the sport community. Within the framework of this cooperation, the IOC, UNAIDS, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies will hold an “Olympic Sport and HIV/AIDS Workshop” in Johannesburg, South Africa on 17-18 June. The event will gather, apart from medical experts, twelve National Olympic Committees of sub-Saharan countries to examine how sports organizations could help support national and international efforts to curb the spread of the epidemic.

2nd June 2004 - NOCs participate in Conference on safety issues at Athens Games
Following recent acts of terrorism and several incidents involving British journalists trying to sneak into Olympic venues in an attempt to prove that security measures are lax, a conference has been held in Athens to discuss safety issues. Among those attending the event were security officials from several National Olympic Committees.

27th May 2004 - Kazakhstan – Central Asian Regional Forum
The Central Asian NOCs Regional Forum, chaired by Kazakhstan NOC President Timur Dossyembetov, was held in Alma Ata on May 27. It was attended, apart from the five member NOCs (Kazakhstan, Kyghyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan), by OCA Deputy Director General Husain Al-Musallam and Olympic Solidarity Project Manager James McLeod.

26 May 2004 - Israel - Exhibition traces interconnections between sports and art
The Olympic committee of Israel cooperated with the Israel Museum for an Sports and Art exhibition inaugurated on May 14, inspired by the forthcoming Olympic Games in Athens, and consisting in a wide-ranging presentation of cultural materials, photographs, films, and virtual games.
The Israel Museum is the largest national cultural institution, housing encyclopedic collections from prehistoric material to contemporary art.

25th May 2004
Kenya - Private financial support for Olympic preparation

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya hopes to raise Sh 30 million (approx. USD 380,000) from sponsors in order to support its Olympic Team's preparation.

25th May 2004 - Canada - Support to top level sport
The Canadian Olympic Committee will receive from the government a $ 20 million complementary subsidy aimed at supporting elite sport.

24th May 2004 - Morocco - Promoting women in sports
The Moroccan NOC gave its support to the “Sport and Development” association for the organization of the women's race “Running for Pleasure” on the 23rd of May. This event is patronized by the Olympic champion Nawal El Moutawakel.

20th May 2004 - TOROC - Torino 2006 website now trilingual
The official website of the Olympic Winter Games of Turin is now available in English, French and Italian.

15th May 2004 - OCA Constitution amendments recommended
Various amendments to the OCA Constitution worked out by the Olympic Council of Asia Rules Committee were recommended to the Executive Board and General Assembly. The OCA President, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah supported the changes and encouraged the Committee to continue its efforts to improve the OCA Constitution in order to answer the changing needs of sport in today's world.

14th May 2004 : Sporting pulse administration workshop in Palau
Jubillee Kuartei, Sports Development Officer for the Palau NOC provided valuable assistance to sports federations in Palau during the recently concluded workshop.
The Workshop included instruction on editing the Web Sites, conducting competitions and using a software program to keep database records of all members of Federations as well as draw up fixtures and schedules, report on results of competitions, and have all types of data automatically linked to websites.

May 2004
The President of the Slovak Olympic Committee, Mr. František Chmelár, sent to ANOC the souvenir book on the Olympic Games 2004 published by the NOC, entitled « Atény 2004 » –nearly 300 large-size pages providing an extensive review of the country's participation in Athens.
Fully documented with articles and tables for each sport, the book is also abundant in colour pictures covering the ceremonies, the national competitors but also winners from other countries, the venues, or the functions at the Slovak Hospitality House in Athens.

May 2004
ANOC received from Mr Celso Limjuco Dayrit, President of the Philippines Olympic Committee from 1999 to 2004 and former Course Director of the Itinerant School of Administration for Sports Leaders (Olympic Solidarity), a copy of his book « The Olympic Movement in the Philippines * ».
Prefaced by IOC President Dr Jacques Rogge and OCA President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, the book, written as « a legacy to Philippine sports and athletes » makes an extensive presentation, among other points, of the organisations that make up the world Olympic Movement, as a general background which allows to then better describe the role played by the National Olympic Committee in the development of sport within the national framework.
A very large part of the book is also devoted, in the historical section, to Philippine athletes who won fame in a variety of sports.

* (230 pages all in English)

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