April 2014 - News - Hellenic Olympic Committee


Some 45.000 students from schools all over Greece, participated in the celebration of the Olympic Education Day, organised by the Hellenic Olympic Academy at the Panathenaic Stadium on April 11, in the framework of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The students made the biggest white dove of peace, on a blue background out of 280.000 paper boats, sending the timeless messages of peace, friendship, cooperation and solidarity to all peoples of the world. The project was submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records. The last paper boat was placed by the President of the HOA Isidoros Kouvelos who stated: “The children of our country are sending a loud message of Olympic values; values that were born in our country. By making this giant peace dove, we disseminate these values to the world. Friendship, solidarity and fair-play are the messages of Olympic values. Thank you all for your valuable support to the HOA”. The event was held under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

Olympic champions, world champions and numerous artists participated pro bono in the event, while the HOC President Spyros Capralos said: “My dear children, this day is a special day, for you are at the Panathenaic Stadium where the Modern Olympic Games were revived. You are witnessing the creation of a peace dove and a significant record. Please keep these two things in a special place in your heart and always remember that sport unites the people!”

Jennifer Byron-Nero elected to SKNOC Executive

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JOC Launches new Era of Excellence

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March 2014 - News - Qatar Olympic Committee

7th Edition Schools Olympic Program

On March 20th and 21st 2014, The Qatar Olympic Committee in partnership with the Supreme Education Council were thrilled to organize the 7th edition of the Schools Olympic Program (SOP), concluding in the Girls and Boys Finals; a celebration of accomplishment and triumph. The SOP encourages fitness, work ethic, and teamwork by organizing multisport competitions among the schools of Qatar ranging from 5 to 18 years of age.

The 7th edition of the SOP has operated under the theme of “Sport & Integrity” with the purpose of educating schools and students about sportsmanship, fair play, and anti-doping. Partnering with the International Centre of Sport Security (ICSS), the Qatar Anti-Doping Laboratory, the Qatar Anti-Doping Committee, and the Ministry of Interior, this seasons “Sport and Integrity” has been available to the schools, teachers, parents, and students which included entertaining and informative activities, tours, presentations, and contests.

Since its introduction in 2007, the SOP has maintained a steady growth of participation each year, reaching peak of over 21,000 participants last year. However, this year the SOP saw a huge surge in participation with over 26,000 students competing in sports like Football, Basketball, Handball, and Volleyball as well as individual displays of greatness in Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics and more.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee

March 2014 - News - Hellenic Olympic Committee

Greek fencer, Mrs Vassiliki Vougiouka, (2nd at the 2013 and 2012 European Championships and 5th at the London Olympic Games), has been nominated as a member of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) Athletes' Commission.

Mrs Vassiliki Vougiouka
Mrs Vassiliki Vougiouka

March 2014 - News - Bahrain Olympic Committee

BOC and OCA hold talks to strengthen cooperation

The Acting Secretary General of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC), Abdulrahman Askar, visited the Olympic Council of Asia Headquarters in Kuwait City during his short trip to attend the GCC National Olympic Committees Presidents' Executive Office meetings in Kuwait.

During the visit, BOC Acting Secretary General met the Director of the OCA's Asian Games Department, Haider Farman and discussed several subjects of mutual interest, the most important of which is Bahrain hosting the Olympic Solidarity/Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Regional Forum for West, Central and South Asian National Olympic Committees on May 7 and 8.

On this occasion, Mr. Askar affirmed the keenness of the BOC to deepen ties with the OCA in order to ensure the succession of plans and programmes of the BOC, aimed to develop its sports system pillars in the Kingdom.

Mr. Askar also commended the significant role of the OCA, headed by Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah, in the development of Sports Movement in Asia, noting that Bahrain is fully involved into the courses and programmes set up by the OCA at various levels.

On his part, Farman expressed confidence for the fruitful cooperation between the OCA and BOC, and affirmed the council's concern to ensure permanent communication with national Olympic Committees in Asia, thus contributing to the achievement of the common interests by developing the outputs of sports movement in the continent.

<b><center>Haider Farman and Abdulrahman Askar</center></b>
Haider Farman and Abdulrahman Askar

Source: Bahrain Olympic Committee

March 2014 - News - Somali Olympic Committee

The Olympafrica with the help of Barcelona foundation recently carried out its first training programs for young coaches at schools in the capital Mogadishu. The country's National Olympic Committee said that the FutbolNet training program was a major breakthrough for the lawless country.

Somali NOC Secretary General Duran Ahmed Farah said that his committee has been working on the implementation a successful Olympafrica Futbolnet training program for a period of time as part of their efforts to establish sporting programs at schools across the country.

“Olympafrica has been involved in Somalia since 2009 when Somalia won its first ever Olympafrica development project, but the recent training course for school coaches was the first such training program that the African sporting body organized in Somalia and it went on successfully” Secretary General Duran Ahmed Farah said in a press statement.

“The construction of Olympafrica Centre in Somalia that was built in the city of Garowe, the provincial capital of the Puntland state was a step forward and as well as a good beginning for more Olympafrica development programs in the country”.

“After the successful end to the construction of the Garowe Centre, we asked the Olympafrica to build for us another centre in the capital Mogadishu, but due to lack of funds for more other centres in the Africa continent, the OlympAfrica instead accepted to help Somalia with other development programs including trainings at schools who have their own playgrounds” Secretary General Duran Ahmed Farah noted in his press statement.

Link: Somali Olympic Committee Website

NOCSOM's Secretary General visits Punt-land State of Somalia.

In an effort to expand the Olympic ideas and values to every part of the country, the Secretary General of the Somali Olympic Committee Mr. Duran Farah paid a touring visit to various cities in Punt-land State of Somalia for the past couple of weeks.

During his tour Mr. Farah appreciated the tireless efforts and commitments by the sports communities within the cities he visited including the capital city despite the lack of facilities and equipment and urged all of those involved to continue their dedication for the benefit of the country's search of athletes that will be able to bring glories to the nation.

“As an organization we have been endlessly working to implement a strategic plan that serves to all sports communities within the country and I am very pleased today to see that the state's sports administration is here with us for the formation of your sports leaders. This is the way forward and as the Somali Olympic Committee we will work with you and help you to develop the sports activities in the state” said the Secretary in his speech at a ceremony to appoint Football, Basketball and Athletics federations in the region organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Punt-Land State of Somalia.

Mr. Duran Farah also visited the historic city of Galka'o where he attended a peace promotion tournament along with Somali Olympic Committee's representative in Punt-Land and management members of the Galka'o Centre for Peace and Development which was the organizing and sponsoring organization of the tournament. Whilst in Galka'o Mr Farah toured the city as well as the different facilities of the Centre for Peace and Development and congratulated the management of this magnificent center for making these fantastic facilities possible for the youth of Galka'o to advocate and promote peace through sports activities.

“These competitions do not only support to bring peace and stability within the region but also facilitate the involvement of more young people playing sport and I am immensely pleased to see the tremendous work that the sports community in this city is doing” said the Secretary who was addressing the teams and spectators at the end of one-day football and athletics tournaments.

Later that evening the Secretary met the management of the Centre to discuss the possibility of future cooperation between the Center and the Somali Olympic Committee in order to enhance the sports development programs as well as maintain peace promoting activities through sport. The visit was part of an ongoing plan of the Somali Olympic Committee in its efforts to gradually expand its authority and leadership to the regions where the stability is improving as well as share with the sports communities the outstanding work that the Somali Olympic Committee has been doing since its election at the beginning of the year.

Source: Somali Olympic Committee - Link

December 2013 - News - National Olympic Committee of Costa Rica

On December 1st 2013, on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the abolition of the army in Costa Rica, the National Olympic Committee of Costa Rica received from the President of the Republic, Ms. Laura Chinchilla the insignia of the “Order of Merit for Peace and Democracy”.

This distinction recognizes the efforts and work of the Olympic Movement in Costa Rica in promoting peaceful coexistence and freedom, respect and democracy through the achievements and results of the national athletes, of the sports leaders and their social projects.

The President of the Republic of Costa Rica said during the ceremony: “There is no more powerful weapon than truth and freedom today as we are celebrating 65 years without an army, which is a chance of greatness for our nation, and today we honor the National Olympic Committee of Costa Rica for their efforts to make great citizens though sport”.

Source: Olympic Committee of Costa Rica

November 2013 - News - Somali Olympic Committee

As part of expanding its development programs to all regions of the country the Somali Olympic Committee sent a high delegation led by its Secretary General to Jubaland State of Somalia to discuss political leaders and sports community the future sports development programs.

The Secretary General, Mr. Duran Farah, outlined that they came to meet, discuss and inform sports community in Juba region the progress that Somali Olympic Committee has made since its January election and its intention to expand that progress to other regions of country.

“Kismayo City and its sports community is very well respected and recognized for its invention of great sports champions for our country and as leaders of Somali Olympic Committee we had to respond the improvement of security within the region and here we are to share with you our programs and discuss how you can be part of that” said the Secretary General to the welcoming officials and legends at the airport.

During his stay in Kismayo, the NOC Secretary General has held talks with high ranking officials from the political leaders of the state where he emphasized the magnitude of sports within this sporting loving community and how they can make use of that as a tool to improve the stability and the security of the region.

“Sports is a tool to build a better and peaceful community as well as a tool for mutual understanding among individuals and community with different political and religious beliefs where they respect not only each other but the rules and regulations as well” said the secretary during the meeting.

Next few days the secretary will hold talks with sporting community within Jubaland to discuss the implementation of different sports administrations including the regional office of Somali Olympic Committee in an effort to increase the involvement of NOCSOM programs by this sporting devoted community.

Source: Somali Olympic Committee

Somali Olympic Committee's Website

October 2013 - News - Swedish Olympic Committee

Youth Olympic Camp

A hundred young athletes and their trainers gathered in Stockholm from the 25th to the 27th of October 2013 for a Youth Olympic Camp. The arrangement was a kick off for the Challenger Project run by the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK), which aims at doubling the number of athletes in the SOK's program for top and talented athletes striving for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and beyond.

During three days the young athletes and their trainers got to train together with help and inspiration from best experts in the Country in the fields of physical training, nutrition and mental training. All athletes undertook physical tests and screenings and during the whole weekend several of Sweden's top Olympic Performers were available on the site for inspiration. The Challenger Program is a long term project in line with SOK's vision of competing for 20 Swedish medals at the Olympics 2020 and 2022. In total the Swedish Olympic Committee is investing 3.5 million Euros in the project.

Source: Swedish Olympic Committee

October 2013 - News - Bahrain Olympic Committee

A Level Two National Coaching Program Course concluded recently with 26 coaches taking part. This Program started in 1998 as per an agreement signed between the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Coaching Association of Canada, where more than 1,600 coaches have graduated from different courses to start coaching various national sports teams.

On his part, Mohammed Saleh Naji, former international athletics player and present coach at Kick Off Academy said that the multiple themes covered represents a great opportunity for the participants to expand their expertise and learn new aspects in training process, such as public and private set up of the players and setting up appropriate training plans for all levels, as well as how to show support for young players.

August 2013 - News - Panamanian Olympic Committee

On Thursday August 29th, 2013 at 10:00am, the Panamanian Olympic Committee inaugurated its new Headquarters.

The facility as it stands right now has 6 offices, 3 desks for the Secretariat and one board meeting room. There are also areas provisioned for gymnastics as well as a medical clinic, 2 more offices and auditorium/classroom which will be conditioned during the four next years.

The new Headquarters are located right next to the Fred Maduro High Performance Tennis Center, the University of Panama Faculty of Physical Education and other sports facilities as for swimming, track and field, gymnastics and equestrian. Also the new Headquarters are close to the Natural Metropolitan Park, a 232 hectares park and the only wildlife refuge located within Panama city boundaries.

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August 2013 - News - Olympic Committee of Bahrain

Bahrain Olympic Committee Acting General Secretary Abdulrahman Sadeq Askar visited the Bahrain youth volleyball team training in Isa Town ahead of the Arab Championship, set to take place in Tunisia from August 24 to September 14.

Bahrain is being managed by head coach Saber Abdulwahed and his assistant Ramzi Ahmed, who reduced the squad to 12 players just before traveling to Slovenia. Indeed, the squad is scheduled to leave on August 8 for a week-long camp, during which several friendly matches have been set up.

Askar asserted that the national volleyball teams have always accomplished honorable results in many regional and international competitions. He pressed confidence in each member of the team to put on their best in bid to retain the title, which they won in the previous edition cup held in Cairo, in Egypt, where they won all their matches in straight sets without giving away a single set.

On his part, Al Halwachi said he was satisfied with the training program set up in advance by the federation and the overall discipline of the players during the early stages of preparations, and wished them success in the upcoming event.

<i><b><center>Members of the Bahrain team</center></b></i>
Members of the Bahrain team

<i><b>Askar with Bahrain players and officials</b></i>
Askar with Bahrain players and officials
<i><b>Askar receives a copy of the holy Quran from team physiotherapist Momen Al Khateeb</b></i>
Askar receives a copy of the holy Quran from team physiotherapist Momen Al Khateeb

July 2013 - News - Olympic Committee of Nigeria

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July 2013 - News - Olympic Committee of Israel

The Olympic Committee of Israel began its medical preparation towards the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. The Chairman of the Medical Commission has been elected: he is Dr. Amir Ganiel, top cardiovascular surgery expert and former Israeli swimming champion.

The Israeli Olympic Committee sees great importance in taking care of the athlete's health, watching closely after their physical and mental condition. Under the guidance of the Israeli Olympic physician, Dr. Luba Galitskaya, Manager of the Sports Medicine Department at the Wingate Institute who is working in full cooperation with Meir Hospital, the Israeli Olympic athletes are provided with medical cover 24 hours a day all year round.

Members of the Commission are Expert physicians in different professions from various hospitals in Israel, among them top former athletes.

Medical Commission of the Olympic Committee of Israel

Picture and Source: NOC of Israel

May 2013: News - Olympic Committee of Togo

The CNOT offered to twenty primary schools over 300 balls and jerseys

The National Olympic Committee of Togo (CNOT) has offered to some twenty primary schools, in Lomé and inland areas, over 300 volleyballs, handballs and jerseys.
Kélani Bayor, 2nd Togo NOC Vice President, delivering sports equipment to Ms Kassandja Abiba

The ceremony took place at the Public Primary School in Agoè in the presence of the representative of the Minister for Sports and Leisure and Youth and Sports Inspectors from the coastal region. Several teachers as well as schoolchildren were also attending.

The gift was made at the initiative of the Togo National Olympic Academy (NOA)'s Education to Olympic Values Project (PEVO) in partnership with the Mi Lé Novissi NGO. The aim is to initiate a sports tradition based on education to Olympic values in schools. Each school has been offered 15 volleyball foam balls, two handballs and a set of jerseys.

As pointed out by Kélani Bayor who represented the President of the CNOT, the practice of grassroots sport is also a form of education to and culture of the values of tolerance and fair-play. He underlined that "the children's enthusiasm went straight to my heart. Those who go in for sport are non violent and tolerant people. Our dream is to also have the children raised on such values through education to sport ".

Ms Kassandja Abiba, headmaster of the Agoè-marché Public Primary School thanked the donators for their generosity, because "children would often love to practice sport, but because the equipment they need is lacking, they turn to something else". "The practice of sport also helps improve their intelligence. This donation will further encourage the pupils to work even better. Sport and education are inseparable and I cannot but thank once more the donators ", she added.

According to NOA Director Charles Panou, the ever-growing success of sport in the general public and the many benefits derived from its practice have made it a true social phenomenon that deserves special attention: "sport aims at creating a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good examples and abiding by the fundamental ethical principles that are universal".

He underlined "We have made this donation to the children so that they can develop sports values - tolerance, non violence and forgiveness. Grassroots sport is very important, because after a few years you can spot talents and this is what we hope for. It is therefore essential to promote the practice of sport in schools, while providing the teachers with the necessary background ".

The PEVO project was started in Lomé suburban primary schools in February 2011. Through this project, teachers of 4th and 5th grade classes have been receiving basic training on how to teach volleyball to the children during Sport and Physical Education time while insisting on Olympic values presented in the PEVO manual.

Source: NOC of Togo / Nicolas KOFFIGAN
Link to Website : | SAVOIR NEWS

March 2013: News - Olympic Committee of Cambodia

The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) launched its Implementation of the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Values and Education Program in Schools on Friday 1st March 2013 during a ceremony at Zaman University.

Three local schools – Zaman International School, CIA First International School and “Pour un Sourire d'Enfant” (PSE) (For Kids To Smile) – signed memorandums of understanding with the NOCC that will see them serve as pilots for the program, which is expected to help enhance the development of students as young athletes.

“The objective of the program is for us to build an Open School, a school which invites the educational community, parent associations and other citizens to participate with its activities, initiatives and events,” NOCC Secretary General Vath Chamroeun stated in a speech.

“With the Asian Youth Games coming up later this August and the Youth Olympic Games in 2014 – both in Nanjing, China – the NOCC will be looking to identify young athletes under 16 years old to represent the Kingdom at these major events.” NOCC adviser and Program Coordinator Ken Gadaffi then explained the steps to be taken towards its implementation. “The NOCC will work closely with the schools and the highest authorities in Cambodia to accelerate progress towards the following goals: to play a key role to educate youth on the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect; to make an effective and positive contribution to maintain young people's interest in sport and physical activity; and to reinforce the belief that youth represents the future of sport in Cambodia and of the Olympic Movement”, he said.

Following the signing of the memorandums, the NOCC presented sports materials to school officials before proceeding to the RAMA Sports Center for soccer and track and field events. In the U14 boys and girls competition for the inaugural NOCC Culture and Education Soccer Cup, CIA First International School emerged as champions after defeating the boys from Japan 2-1 via a penalty shootout. The teams had finished regulation time level at 1-1. PSE Girls finished third following their 2-0 win over the girls from Ritsumeikan University.
(Source: National Olympic Committee of Cambodia)
<b><center>CIA First International School striker Kunvat Chet takes the final penalty to win the U14s NOCC cup. Photograph: Ken Gadaffi/Phnom Penh Post</center></b>
CIA First International School striker Kunvat Chet takes the final penalty to win the U14s NOCC cup. Photograph: Ken Gadaffi/Phnom Penh Post

February 2013: News - Somali Olympic Committee

Peace Run in Mogadishu, Somalia

The National Olympic Committee of Somalia organized in cooperation with the Mayor of Mogadishu, on Friday 8 February 2013, a 5-kilometer Peace Run through the streets of the capital, in which took part many young people but also representatives of the NOC and former high level athletes.

Somali NOC Secretary General Duran Farah commented: “This is the first such Peace Run we have organized in more than two decades, the capital currently seems more peaceful in comparison with the previous years, so the Somali Olympic committee intends this run to encourage the increasing peace and stability and to show to the outside world that Somalia has fully returned”. (

To read the full article with pictures of the event: Link (in English)

November 2012: News - Mongolian National Olympic Committee

Dr. Demchgjav Zagdsuren, President of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee and Mr. Shagdarjav Magvan, IOC Honorary Member were at the Presidential Palace in Ulaanbaatar, in November 2012, to present H.E. Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia, with an award for his outstanding contribution to the development of Sport and Olympism in the country.

H.E. Tsakhia Elbegdorj received the 2012 IOC Trophy for his support and initiative in bidding for Continental and Olympic Games in Mongolia and for the creation of a life-time Olympic stipendium for Medalists.

From left to right (in the centre of the picture): Dr. Demchgjav Zagdsuren, NOC President; H.E. Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia; Shagdarjav Magvan, IOC Honorary Member

Sources: Mongolian National Olympic Committee

September 2012: Visit of the Sports Training and Development Section at Manama Club in Juffair

Secretary General of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC), Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Executive Director of Sports Affairs, Noaman Al Hassan, and Department Head Nabil Taha, met the participants of the National Coaching
BOC Secretary General during the visit
BOC Secretary General during the visit
Programme during a visit , being organized by the BOC's Sports Training and Development Department at Manama Club premises in Juffair.

“Sheikh Ahmed urged participants to achieve maximum benefit from the programme and from the valuable lectures, being presented by Canadian international instructor Stephan Bailey, who has a vast experience in this area, and wished everyone success.”

During this meeting, Representatives of the BOC and coaches participating in this training visited “the sports library that was refurbished to cope with the needs of students and researchers in the field of sports.”

BOC Department Head also reaffirmed that “the interests of the Olympic Committee in the academic section is a realistic embodiment for the seriousness of the scientific approach looking for an even brighter stage for sports in Bahrain.”

BOC Representatives with participants of the National Coaching Programme
BOC Representatives with participants of the National Coaching Programme

Sources: Press Release from BOC