Under the provisions of the Constitution of ANOC, the General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association of National Olympic Committees. Are entitled to be part of the General Assembly the Association's member NOCs, represented by their delegates, and the Members of the Executive Council of ANOC. The ordinary General Assembly meets at least every two years.

The General Assembly is vested by the Constitution with the power of approving in particular the Association's budget and accounts. The General Assembly is competent and has full powers to take all necessary measures for adequately conducting the Association's operations and for the realization of its objectives. To this effect, in the interval between two Assemblies, it delegates its powers to the Executive Council and to the President of ANOC, in compliance with the Constitution.

The General Assembly elects the President every four years and ratifies the nomination of the Vice-Presidents and members of the Executive council elected by the Continental Associations. It approves the nomination of the Secretary General and Treasurer put forward by the President, and appoints the Auditors.

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